well that was something

February 21, 2012

Hey dudes. In case you missed it (don’t feel bad if you did, just don’t ever do it again!!!),     New Look just came off a whirl-wind of a tour! Only three cities but lotsa GLAMOUR and FUNK! (The good kind!)

Check it:

Gettin jazzed up for our Mr.Porter shoot (Sarah in head-to-toe Miu Miu. Hey Miu Miu, how are ya?)

Yikes, shoulda warned you that pic was coming, right? Depending on what time of day it is you may either be drooling, or gagging. Personally we could eat a Full English for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! While in Rome!…er…England…

After a SOLD OUT show at The Garage in Camden, and a very very eventful show at The Box (have you been there?? you should go…), we were off to Amsterdam! Our favourite city in the worrrrrld (no offense other cities)…But I mean, come on, look at this place:

The canals were frozen, people were selling hot chocolate from their houseboats… Amsterdam! We love you!

While in Amsterdam we played at the legendary Paradiso! Had some very VERY sexy fans show up. We love you dudes!! Oh and did we mention – we played the same venue, THE SAME NIGHT AS D’ANGELO!!!! And only have this crap picture to show for it:

On second thought this does kind of capture the craycray vibe…Seeing D was a dream come true for us!

Hmm..then what happened. Oh yeah! Back to London:

We played Annie Mac Presents @ Koko. Twas SOLD OUT! That’s right!

Lil backstage pre-show snap for ya:

Manicure badassness:

Lil on-stage action, courtesy of our good friend Sam Williams who also helped design our onstage visuals!:

Good times.

Then it was off to Paris! We love Paris. we LOVE it.

Quite possibly the worst photo of the Eiffel Tower EVER TAKEN. Look I didn’t even bother rotating it for you. That’s how much I am OWNING how terrible this photo is. And I’m okay with it. It’s not like you’ve never seen this thing before. But I digress…

We did a LIVE ON-AIR radio performance on Le Mouv. If you missed it you can stream it here: http://www.lemouv.fr/diffusion-playlist-15-fevrier-new-look-en-session

The next night we played at Flech D’or…

Cool venue!!!! This was the last show of our little tour, and we had a great time. So many sweet and lovely fans!

And lotsa smoke…

After Paris we headed back to good old Canada to pick up our dog. And now it’s back to NYC! Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows in Europe. We love you!

And Walter says “Heeeeyyy”


New Look out.


Sarah for Barney’s NY by Mario Sorrenti

February 18, 2012


See the pics in the catalogue, or, here:


totally VOGUE-ing

December 15, 2011

Your girlfriend Sarah, that is “one half of husband and wife musical duo NEW LOOK” is featured in the January 2012 issue of American Vogue! AHHHHH we’re psyyyyychedddddd!

Photo by the amazing (and Canadian) Norman Jean Roy.

Look at the Vogue-ing going on here. Whoa.



new video!

October 17, 2011

hard work. fun.

October 11, 2011

So we been back in London! Our album came out! Lotsa stuff been happenin! We spent the last week touring around the UK, now we’re in Paris for more shows and press. Fun! Also hard work. But Fun!

Shooting for Clash Magazine…

Sarah’s role model…

Having fun with Iphone photo apps…

Pretending not to be totally exhausted after our show in Nottingham. Touring is hard work y’alls!

Leaving Nottingham…weird.

New Food (as opposed to Old Food?) In Bristol…

Our album! The real thing! On the shelf at Rough Trade in London! Whoa…

And us pretending not to be half dead, again.

Some awesome fans (hi guys!) posing with our wax-figures.

ANYWAY, point is, our album is out! Oh oh oh, and we have a new music video coming out!! In only a few days!  Will post when it’s up.


we heart london

July 11, 2011

Duuuudes, we is fresh off the plane from an amazing promo trip to London in support of our new single! We had the BESSSSTTT TIIIIMMMME!

I’m talkin shoots for i-D, SuperSuper, amazing and fun live shows (Shacklewell Arms with Jamie XX on the decks!!!), lovely peeps, great eats, etc etc etc….

I do declare, I do I do…we just love LONDON! Didn’t wanna leave.

Check it, our live set up:

Check this too:

Yeah, I used an app to take these pics, what?

On Shacklewell Lane with ma free Raybans on…thanks Rayban!

We did a shoot for the lovely Modzik magazine with the great Damien Fry. Amazing styling! Hair! Make up! So happy and funnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Siiigh, really, did I mention we had such a great time? We can’t wait to come back!!!

WE DON’T KNOW WHO TOOK THIS PHOTO! But we love it. It’s from our show at Old Blue Last on July 7th. If anyone knows who took it let us know!


That’s all. Jolly good. London, we’ll be back!


New Look.

Our first official music video!!!

May 24, 2011


May 1, 2011

Ughhhh we are so excited! That’s a positive “ugh” not a negative one. Last weekend we were in Brooklyn to shoot the video for our first single to be released suuuuper soon! Can’t announce a date yet but do belieeeve you’ll be among the first to know, you, single devoted person that reads this (admittedly) neglected little blog of a blog over here (love you!).

The video had smoke, it had magic, there was a hot car (see above), our dumb mugs (see above, and sorry for the crap Iphone photos), and such an amazing group of people to help make it all happen. We are so lucky to get to work with some amazeballs people. You’ll see!

Whoa what is THAT?! is what you are thinking. I know, I know. Did I mention how crazy trippy this vid is?

Sigh. Now we’re back in Canada finalizing the album and rehearsing. Up here it’s still baaaarely spring – winter is still holding on by a thread and we are OVER it. We’ll be off to the UK soon for a handful of live dates (hope to see you there) and then the New Look Train (yes, it’s a thing) is gonna really start rolling! Yyyyyep.

Maybe we’ll get a nice day in the meantime so we can do a little bit of this:

(This being us shirking all responsibility and pretending to be hicks for a weekend)

Y’all come back now,

New Look out


February 20, 2011

Daaaaaaaymn we’ve been busy! Trying to live a double life (one in NYC and one in Canada) is not all it’s cracked up to be. What it’s cracked up to be exactly I’m not so sure,  but it is definitely NOT THAT. It’s kinda hard. But it’s fun too!



Apologies for the crappy Iphone photo!  This was our rehearsal set up in our apartment in Brooklyn. (We had to make sure our projections were as major as we had planned. They were. Thanks Sam Williams!)


We were rehearsing for this show at W’burg Music Hall on Valentine’s Day:



It was KIND OF a big deal. It sold out!

(Photos from that performance coming right up!)

Shortly after the show we jetted on up to Canada again for a round of mixing, recording and general wrapping up of a few things for our upcoming releases (!!!) And that’s where we are now. Look:

cables. in our house.


^^^By the way has everyone purchased their copy of the Love Button mixtape by Opening Ceremony? ^^^

We’re on it! Well, a remix of Vampire Weekend that we did is on it, along with some other amazing artists.

Get it here (by cutting a pasting the link because I’m computer retarded):





New Look out.




GQ xmas party pics

January 7, 2011

Photos by cosmobailey.com