well that was something

Hey dudes. In case you missed it (don’t feel bad if you did, just don’t ever do it again!!!),     New Look just came off a whirl-wind of a tour! Only three cities but lotsa GLAMOUR and FUNK! (The good kind!)

Check it:

Gettin jazzed up for our Mr.Porter shoot (Sarah in head-to-toe Miu Miu. Hey Miu Miu, how are ya?)

Yikes, shoulda warned you that pic was coming, right? Depending on what time of day it is you may either be drooling, or gagging. Personally we could eat a Full English for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! While in Rome!…er…England…

After a SOLD OUT show at The Garage in Camden, and a very very eventful show at The Box (have you been there?? you should go…), we were off to Amsterdam! Our favourite city in the worrrrrld (no offense other cities)…But I mean, come on, look at this place:

The canals were frozen, people were selling hot chocolate from their houseboats… Amsterdam! We love you!

While in Amsterdam we played at the legendary Paradiso! Had some very VERY sexy fans show up. We love you dudes!! Oh and did we mention – we played the same venue, THE SAME NIGHT AS D’ANGELO!!!! And only have this crap picture to show for it:

On second thought this does kind of capture the craycray vibe…Seeing D was a dream come true for us!

Hmm..then what happened. Oh yeah! Back to London:

We played Annie Mac Presents @ Koko. Twas SOLD OUT! That’s right!

Lil backstage pre-show snap for ya:

Manicure badassness:

Lil on-stage action, courtesy of our good friend Sam Williams who also helped design our onstage visuals!:

Good times.

Then it was off to Paris! We love Paris. we LOVE it.

Quite possibly the worst photo of the Eiffel Tower EVER TAKEN. Look I didn’t even bother rotating it for you. That’s how much I am OWNING how terrible this photo is. And I’m okay with it. It’s not like you’ve never seen this thing before. But I digress…

We did a LIVE ON-AIR radio performance on Le Mouv. If you missed it you can stream it here: http://www.lemouv.fr/diffusion-playlist-15-fevrier-new-look-en-session

The next night we played at Flech D’or…

Cool venue!!!! This was the last show of our little tour, and we had a great time. So many sweet and lovely fans!

And lotsa smoke…

After Paris we headed back to good old Canada to pick up our dog. And now it’s back to NYC! Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows in Europe. We love you!

And Walter says “Heeeeyyy”


New Look out.


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