hard work. fun.

So we been back in London! Our album came out! Lotsa stuff been happenin! We spent the last week touring around the UK, now we’re in Paris for more shows and press. Fun! Also hard work. But Fun!

Shooting for Clash Magazine…

Sarah’s role model…

Having fun with Iphone photo apps…

Pretending not to be totally exhausted after our show in Nottingham. Touring is hard work y’alls!

Leaving Nottingham…weird.

New Food (as opposed to Old Food?) In Bristol…

Our album! The real thing! On the shelf at Rough Trade in London! Whoa…

And us pretending not to be half dead, again.

Some awesome fans (hi guys!) posing with our wax-figures.

ANYWAY, point is, our album is out! Oh oh oh, and we have a new music video coming out!! In only a few days!  Will post when it’s up.



2 Responses to “hard work. fun.”

  1. RMJ Says:

    We loved your show at The Nest

  2. Maxine Bowyer Says:

    Actually gutted we missed your night in Bristol. Big fans! Hopefully see you if you return 🙂

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