we heart london

Duuuudes, we is fresh off the plane from an amazing promo trip to London in support of our new single! We had the BESSSSTTT TIIIIMMMME!

I’m talkin shoots for i-D, SuperSuper, amazing and fun live shows (Shacklewell Arms with Jamie XX on the decks!!!), lovely peeps, great eats, etc etc etc….

I do declare, I do I do…we just love LONDON! Didn’t wanna leave.

Check it, our live set up:

Check this too:

Yeah, I used an app to take these pics, what?

On Shacklewell Lane with ma free Raybans on…thanks Rayban!

We did a shoot for the lovely Modzik magazine with the great Damien Fry. Amazing styling! Hair! Make up! So happy and funnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Siiigh, really, did I mention we had such a great time? We can’t wait to come back!!!

WE DON’T KNOW WHO TOOK THIS PHOTO! But we love it. It’s from our show at Old Blue Last on July 7th. If anyone knows who took it let us know!


That’s all. Jolly good. London, we’ll be back!


New Look.


3 Responses to “we heart london”

  1. Sean Ward Says:

    yo! posse in effect! let’s do a teamup track!

  2. Kamilalalala Says:

    Hi Guys!You are soooo dreamy!I like it!Can’t wait Your LP!Please come to Poland and give us some New Look 🙂 Kisses!

  3. Nick Alam Says:

    Congrats on the upcoming album release kids. Your sound is my happy place, looking forward to hearing it.

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