Daaaaaaaymn we’ve been busy! Trying to live a double life (one in NYC and one in Canada) is not all it’s cracked up to be. What it’s cracked up to be exactly I’m not so sure,  but it is definitely NOT THAT. It’s kinda hard. But it’s fun too!



Apologies for the crappy Iphone photo!  This was our rehearsal set up in our apartment in Brooklyn. (We had to make sure our projections were as major as we had planned. They were. Thanks Sam Williams!)


We were rehearsing for this show at W’burg Music Hall on Valentine’s Day:



It was KIND OF a big deal. It sold out!

(Photos from that performance coming right up!)

Shortly after the show we jetted on up to Canada again for a round of mixing, recording and general wrapping up of a few things for our upcoming releases (!!!) And that’s where we are now. Look:

cables. in our house.


^^^By the way has everyone purchased their copy of the Love Button mixtape by Opening Ceremony? ^^^

We’re on it! Well, a remix of Vampire Weekend that we did is on it, along with some other amazing artists.

Get it here (by cutting a pasting the link because I’m computer retarded):





New Look out.





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