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Our first official music video!!!

May 24, 2011


May 1, 2011

Ughhhh we are so excited! That’s a positive “ugh” not a negative one. Last weekend we were in Brooklyn to shoot the video for our first single to be released suuuuper soon! Can’t announce a date yet but do belieeeve you’ll be among the first to know, you, single devoted person that reads this (admittedly) neglected little blog of a blog over here (love you!).

The video had smoke, it had magic, there was a hot car (see above), our dumb mugs (see above, and sorry for the crap Iphone photos), and such an amazing group of people to help make it all happen. We are so lucky to get to work with some amazeballs people. You’ll see!

Whoa what is THAT?! is what you are thinking. I know, I know. Did I mention how crazy trippy this vid is?

Sigh. Now we’re back in Canada finalizing the album and rehearsing. Up here it’s still baaaarely spring – winter is still holding on by a thread and we are OVER it. We’ll be off to the UK soon for a handful of live dates (hope to see you there) and then the New Look Train (yes, it’s a thing) is gonna really start rolling! Yyyyyep.

Maybe we’ll get a nice day in the meantime so we can do a little bit of this:

(This being us shirking all responsibility and pretending to be hicks for a weekend)

Y’all come back now,

New Look out