okay, so…..

All right, so we’re a little on the  lackadaisical side when it comes to keeping up our blog – but with good reason! You may or may not (probably not) know that we bought ourselves a house. A big old house that holds many surprises, mainly to do with questionable decorating choices through its 121 years of existence, imagine decades of bad wallpaper, shabby home-improvement jobs and hidden mouse motels. Fun.

Needless to say, it’s been keeping us pretty busy with some non-musical stuff. But we haven’t been totally unproductive. Check out the STUDIO in its FOREVER HOME!!!!!


Check out the old wallpaper I mentioned above:


You’re probably scarred for life after seeing that so let me soothe you with a polaroid:

Ohhhh yeaaaaaah.

We’ve also been recording, believe it or not. But you know that stuff’s secret until it’s not and it’s on your ipod/phone/pad.

Hoping to have some big news re: touring, release of our full length (can’t wait!) in the near future.

In the meantime:

Enjoy your summer and check back often for updates!

New Look


One Response to “okay, so…..”

  1. felix Says:

    big up, looks dope. can’t wait for the full length. numbers is on heavy rotation for weeks. need a copy for my i1210…

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